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123WaxRing is a system that makes it very easy to create jewelry wax models for rings, using the fixture as shown. For more information see www.deskproto.com/products/123waxring.php
In order to use the 123WaxRing system you need to also have the DeskProto CAM software, as that contains the 123WaxRing wizards.

The 123WaxRing product line has been discontinued. So the 123WaxRing kit no longer is available, nor the Set of additional wax disks.  Only the Sherline-to-Roland adapter still can be delivered, until the end of stock.

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Sherline adapter

Adapter to mount the 123WaxRIng fixture on a Sherline rotary table
Sherline-to-Roland adapter, meant for a rotation table on a Sherline type CNC milling machine. After screwing this adapter on the Sherline rotary table, any fixture meant for a Roland JWX-10 or MDX-40 can be mounted. The photo shows two adapters (on the left) and one 123WaxRing fixture (no longer available).