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Download the free DeskProto CAM software.

DeskProto V 7.0: Free CAM software download.

All four editions of DeskProto V7 (Free, Entry, Expert and Multi-Axis) share the same Setup file, that you can download here. After downloading and installing DeskProto 7 you can use the Free edition, without any payment; the other three editions can be used in Trial mode.

At this point DeskProto V7 is available only in English, we are still working on translating this new version. For any other language please keep using V6.1 (see below), until we have finished translating V7; we hope that all translations will be ready within a couple of months.

Download the Setup for DeskProto Version 7.0 in English

You can install DeskProto V7 by starting the Setup.exe file and following the Setup wizard. DeskProto V7 can be installed and used on the same PC as a DeskProto V6: both versions will function completely independent of each other.

DeskProto V 6.1: Trial version download.

The DeskProto V6.1 Setup remains available, both for clients waiting for V7 to be translated and for clients who want to reinstall their V6.1 software. It is a completely functional trial version: no limitations in functionality. You can load geometry files from your own 3D CAD system, calculate toolpaths and output NC program files suitable for your CNC milling machine. You can even configure a new postprocessor in case you have a machine that is not present in the list of standard machines.

The trial period is limited to a maximum of 30 days after setup. So do take care: only install when you have the time to evaluate the software ! Once your 30 days are expired there is no possibility for a second trial period on the same computer !!

All three editions of DeskProto V6.1 (Entry, Expert and Multi-Axis) are included in this trial version: at each program start you can choose which edition you want to evaluate.

Setup tips

DeskProto will be installed by starting the EXE file and following the Setup wizard.

Licensed users of DeskProto V6 can install a fresh trial to update their existing version. Important is that this will over-write any changes that you made in the standard cutters, machines and postprocessors.

Once the trial period has expired it will no longer be possible to save the calculated toolpaths in an NC program file. All other functions will remain available.
Do not tamper with your system date as this may shorten your trial period.

All three DeskProto editions share the same easy-to-use interface. All editions can read each other's project files, so after upgrading to the Expert Edition all projects created with Entry still can be opened. Obviously we offer a special price when upgrading to a higher edition.

More Setup information in how to install your DeskProto software.

Quick Start

For a smooth start in learning how to use DeskProto, read the Quick Start manual.


Uninstalling the DeskProto trial version is easy:
- click the Windows Start button, select 'All Programs', open the folder 'DeskProto 6.1' and click 'DeskProto 6.1 uninstall'.
In case this does not work you can also uninstall as follows:
- click the Windows Start button, select 'Control Panel', 'Programs', 'Uninstall a program'. Now click on line 'DeskProto 6.1' and then press button Uninstall.